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  • The ISO Certified Firms Expo has grown in size and profile since 2011 when we held the first expo at Sarit Center. The 3rd ISO Certified Firms Expo was held at Kenyatta International Conference Center from 14th to 16th August 2013 and attracted participation from a wide cross section of ISO Certified firms.


    In response to requests from partner organizations and professionals in the field of quality management, we organized special seminars to run alongside the 3rd ISO Certified Firms Expo.


    The workshops ran from 12th to 15th August and were intended to educate professionals who have not received training in the particular standards and also serve as refresher courses for those who needed to perfect their knowledge and gain professional mileage in the respective standards. We shall have similar workshops in 2014.

    Management Representatives Course

    The Management Representatives Course is meant for Management Representatives, Assistant Management Representatives, ISO implementation Committee members, Quality Managers and Quality Assurance Officers.
    The Course covers all aspects of Implementation, Maintenance and Continual Improvement of a Quality Management Systems (QMS) based on ISO 9001.

    The purpose of this Course is to impart skills on how to:-


    1. Effectively Implement ISO 9001
    2. Effectively and efficiently maintain the implemented QMS.
    3. Involve people at the various functional areas within the QMS
    4. Continually improve the QMS.
    5. Handle customer feedback and complaints

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