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  • Linda Ikeji’s New Property Brouhaha

    Linda Ikeji’s New Property Brouhaha

    Linda Ikeji's New Property Brouhaha

    Linda Ikeji's latest acquisition's news spread like wildfire but shows no signs of abating. The part is as succulent as the issue. Even those people who have resolved to be indifferent to the ace blogger discovered themselves seeing her website to be certain that it's not another rumour. That really the 35 year old blogger bought herself a luxurious abode in one of the high-priced suburbs in Lagos, Banana Island.

    The new property is painted in most shades of riches. Living rooms and huge bedrooms, a kitchen to die-for, a toilet suite that is tempting, cabana, gym room, cinema room and so much more that can make your eyes pop out as well as paint you green. It's almost incredible from only blogging that Linda who may be labeled as the Mother of blogging amassed such wealth.

    To cap it with her latest acquisition that gulped over half a billion naira certainly made some eyebrows arched and lifted in distinct ways.
    Expectedly, the announcement on her blog was followed by means of a pep talk to young girls who should look up to her as a role model. Linda's effort might have been rewarding if not for some self made blunders.

    Undoubtedly, the journey to popularity is not an easy one. Linda was quick to make this affirmation to her mentees. Her grass-to-elegance story is inspiring and extremely touching. However, Linda's inspirational story took a wrong turn when she chose to follow the popular cliche of not sleeping with men to make her money. Linda need not give that info out because whether the aim will be to get money or not, many are turned on considering that there is more than blogging that brings about such riches. The favorite disagreement is if she can manage a house of that status that she is a billionaire, and also if she is paid a handsome fee in dollars by customers, it still cannot vomit such wealth.

    Secondly, Linda's attempt to go moral and all religious in her works went awry. In her words, she said God defame does not like an ugly heart which in this particular context means folks who backbite or bring others. This statement is very contrary as Linda had also released contentious reports that have unintentionally led on the parties to defamation of some forms, as she is guilty of same.

    The 3rd investigation lies on Linda's resolution to run her business alone. If Linda's dream actually is to inspire and help young ones to reach their dreams, why not participate in capacity building than showing young ones luxurious apartments which will leave them in envy by applying they. Go past the inspiring words and images.
    Despite all, Linda has earned an enviable reputation in the blogosphere and to borrow her words, not or whether you like her, this really is her space and she's not going anywhere.

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