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  •                                     Pride Inn Hotel - Westlands, Nairobi


  •                                    Pride Inn Hotel - Westlands, Nairobi



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  • We are a consulting firm, providing professional training and consultancy.
    This is in line with the requirements of various International Standards, such as, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2005 and ISO 22000:2005, among others.
    We also offer consultancy services against local legal requirements, such as Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Audits. In addition, we train and consult in management courses, such as:-

    • Strategic Plans Preparation
    • Research Surveys.

    For a full list of the various categories of training and consultancy services we offer, please visit the specific sections of this website detailing these.
    Apex consultants also provide the folllowing:-

    • Organizational Change Management Training
    • Classroom Training
    • Mentorship, Development of Coaching Skills
    • Technology Implementation
    • Operational Improvement Services.
    1. Management representative
    2. Lead Auditors
    3. Leadership and governance
    4. Strategic Management
    5. Attitude ad change management
    6. Entrepreneurship development
    7. Integrity and works ethics
    8. Communication skills
    9. Team building
    10. Effective Human resource Management
    11. Public relations management
    12. Marketing management and Public skills
    13. Balanced score card
    14. Fire safety
    15. Life skills Development
    16. Integrated Risk Management
    17. Project planning and Management
    18. Resource mobilization
    19. Disaster risk management
    20. Data collection and analysis
    21. Report writing
    22. Branding
    23. Records management

    We undertake institutional and social surveys that address identified specific organization requirements. Specifically we conduct baseline survey and tracking survey on Corruption Perception, Drug and Substance Abuse survey, Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, Work Environment and HIV Risk Assessment.
    Our Research Department offers consultancy services in the following areas:
    a) Employee satisfaction Survey
    This survey is aimed at assessing the employee satisfaction levels and establishes their satisfaction drivers. Employees are often referred as the internal customers of the organization. Successful organizations have realized that involved employees are key to improving organizational performance and that motivated employees are the first link in a causal chain that leads to greater customer loyalty and profits. Properly motivated employees do their job better and achieve a higher level of performance. The right employee strategies can encourage loyalty, dedication and self awareness in the pursuit of excellence.
    We assist organizations:

    • Determine the level of employee satisfaction as per the time of the survey
    • Identify relevant issues affecting employee satisfaction and propose recommendation for improvement
    • To determine aspects of employment and working conditions that contributes to employee job satisfaction
    • To examine the extent to which employees understand expectations of their jobs
    • To examine employees perception of work place practices
    • To identify strategies for addressing staff needs for enhancement of job satisfaction

    b) Market research for business/planning
    We carry out a wide range of market surveys using approaches and techniques which are compatible with, and that meet the needs of, the diverse requirements of different markets in Kenya. We tailor research studies both quantitative surveys and qualitative projects, to address the specific research needs of individual clients. These surveys include consumer behaviour surveys, concept testing, customer satisfaction surveys, brand image and segmentation, employee studies, new product development research and market evaluation and feasibility studies. This type of market research is critical for all sectors of the economy to better understand their sectoral & market dynamics and their own opportunities and vulnerabilities.

    c) Customer satisfaction Survey

    We assist organization conduct this survey to establish current satisfaction levels and that can also be used to track changes over time. It allows organizations to establish (and monitor) customer perceptions of service quality and identify any service quality failures. The customer satisfaction survey is considered critical in understanding consumer behaviour, needs, wants, attitudes, perceptions, expectations and trends in an organization services and how to influence the customers to the advantage of the organization.
    This entail:

    • To investigate the level and quality of service as provided by the organization to its clients.
    • To determine the aspects of services offered that contributes to customer satisfaction
    • To examine the extent to which customers understand expectations of their services
    • To examine customer perception of services offered.
    • To identify strategies for addressing customer needs for enhancement of better services
    • Identify all service delivery constraints/bottleneck and propose recommendations for improvement

    d) Work Environment Survey
    The survey is designed to assess employees perception of how well the organization they work for provide a work environment which encourages productivity; personal growth, safety and communication among others. The employees receiving the survey respond to statements that express their expectation of agency that is centred on employee environment, well being and productivity.
    We assist organizations to:

    • Identify work environment issues affecting employee and propose recommendation for improvement
    • Determine the work environment level as per the time of the survey

    e) Social surveys
    These are surveys carried out on most challenging issues that affect the social and political lives of people living in a particular area.
    In offering social surveys we have developed innovative approaches and methodologies for researching some of the most challenging issues that affect the social, cultural and political lives of target population.
    Our studies, which are customized to the needs of individual interventions where we collect, analyze, and report, quantitative and qualitative data about:-

    • Corruption perception
    • Drugs and substance Abuse
    • HIV/AIDS Risk assessment
    • Behavior and attitude change/s.
    • Programme monitoring and evaluation.
    • Feasibility and Impact assessment

    Research, Monitoring, Evaluation, Mainstreaming, Baseline, Track & Exit Surveys on:

    1. Customer Satisfaction
    2. Employee Satisfaction
    3. Work Environment
    4. Gender & Disability
    5. Alcohol, Drug & Substance Abuse
    6. Corruption Perception Survey
    7. Skills and Competence

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    Apex Management Systems - Consultants Ltd (Experts in Management Systems)

    Apex Management Systems

     Apex Management Systems - Consultants Ltd is among the leading Kenyan management training companies with experience of delivering a broad range of ISO based Management training courses, including communication skills, leadership, sales, finance and personnel management training. 

    Message From CEO


    Message From CEO
    We warmly welcome you to our website. Whether you sponsor your employees to undertake our training courses, or are self-sponsored, investment in training is non-quantifiable in monetary terms, since knowledge is power.



    To provide Quality management solutions that enable business entities to excel in their provision of goods and services in order to foster national and international trade. 



    To become an internationally recognized consultancy firm in the provision of management solutions to business entities and institutions in Africa 

    Quality Policy


    Quality Policy
    Apex Management Systems - Consultants Ltd. Is committed to offering timely, high quality training and consultancy services that meet or surpass client expectations in the fields of management, research and other professional services.

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